Excellent Ideas Based On Structure

EIBOS was established on April 20, 2020, in the cement forest of Shenzhen.

We believe the world will eventually revolve around technology advancement.

We believe that 3D printing will promote this process.

We believe in the laws of world movement.

We believe in physics and mathematics.

We believe many things in the world

We believe that there are still many unknown things in this world.

Excellent Ideas Based On Structure,

EIBOS, may the technology to be with you.

We do our best to conduct every activity on our value chain as the value chain help us to understand and evaluate sources of positive and negative cost efficiency, which in order to increase the productivity and keep the customer value in a high level. The value chain model will explain that why we are able to provide the quality products to our customer as well as to the 3D printing market.

Human Resource Management

Every worker in our factory is under well-training to ensure the efficiency and accuracy. We have a strong R&D team, made up by elites in different areas, to improve our product functions and solve customer’s needs. Also, we have an excellent after-sales service team to service our customers.

Science and technology

Scientific research and innovative technology are primary productive forces. All of the good product is originated from an excellent idea. To make this idea become a truth by using technology is our pursuit. We are always curious about new technologies. Not only try to understand and use it but also do further research. This makes our products full of innovation and technology.


For each of our product, we have done thousand times of product testing. These test includes but is not limited to functional testing, environmental testing, different usage scenarios testing, etc. in order to provide best performance to the different users. On the assemble line, we require every worker to strictly follow our assemble instruction and requirement. Before we packing the product, we will also conduct a full inspection of the assembled product to ensure that every function is perfect.

Outbound Logistics

We have set up warehouses in several countries and regions to serve customers within the radiation range which including US (for both west coast and east coast), Czech ( for serving EU member states ) and Australia ( Sydney ). The package deliver period will drop significantly for the customers under warehouse radiation range. Regarding the warehouse, we are still expanding. For the customer who is outside of the radiation range, we will use the door to door flight express to deliver the package. We also built business partnership with some well-known express companies like DHL,UPS, USPS and SF to ensure that every package is delivered in a fast and safe way. In terms of packaging, to minimize damage during shipping, we use pearl cotton to store every component of its products. In the mean time, all products are packed in double cardboard boxes to reduce artificial damage.

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